Benefits of Blind & Drapery Cleaning

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CurtainCleaning1The upkeep of drapery panels, blinds, and curtains is an important aspect of maintaining the cleanliness of a space. These pleasant additions to a room make for elegant design decisions, but without understanding how to clean draperies they can also cause trouble down the line if neglected. We understand that drapes can be costly investments with great aesthetic rewards, which is why it is important to care for them with proper drapery cleaning.

Whether you have pleated drapes, door drapes, or any kind, they can be easy to overlook when cleaning a space. Accumulated dirt, dust, and pollutants are less conspicuous on them as they would be on other surfaces. The large amounts of fabric utilized in their construction, together with the repeated pleating or folding that naturally occurs with use, make for a significant surface area size for unwanted particles to stick. It’s important to get your blinds cleaned, because when just slightly disturbed, allergens and pollutants are released from filthy drapes contributing to your discomfort, your family’s, colleagues, and guests’.

Without due diligence, drapes will lose their vibrance and beauty. The prolonged presence of dirt can even lead to damage and deterioration due to fungi and fabric weakness. Different kinds of window covers require different cleaning methods. Entrusting the task to someone who really knows how to clean curtain blinds is key. Some fabrics can take regular washing. Some fare best with steam. Others require dry-cleaning. Oftentimes, custom and ready made drapes are multilayered and feature linings for added weather protection. The combination of several fabric types may entail a more complex procedure when cleaning draperies.

Regular vacuuming, dusting, and airing out are good ways to maintain drapes and blinds, but periodic professional cleaning is highly recommended to achieve the best results. Due to the fabric construction, complexity, and expensive quality of many curtains and blinds, it is always recommended by interior designers that owners should avail of professional drapery cleaning services every now and then. Have peace of mind with The Cleaners on Loma, knowing your drapes are in the good hands of trusted and experienced specialists.


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