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At The Cleaners on Lomas, we also do wedding dress alterations for discerning brides who are not satisfied with a gown’s existing fit, whether a bridal gown was purchased off the rack, found at a vintage store, passed down as an heirloom, or tailored without accounting for surprise weight fluctuation. A wedding gown must be comfortable to wear for hours, and stunning for the groom and the cameras.

istock_000005937224x_alt_on_dress-resized-600Consult with our seamstresses for measurements and requests when bringing in bridal dresses for wedding dress alterations. You could be making an aesthetic adjustment to update a gown’s design. Perhaps you would like the hem shortened or a lining repaired. Maybe you want the fabric to hug you in all the right places and fall about you in the precise way you envisioned. Feel free to also avail of bridesmaid and prom dress alterations. The experienced and respectful professionals on our team will fulfill your wishes at an affordable price, because you should feel the best about the way you look and what you are wearing on the anticipated day.

There is no reason to surrender to an ill-fitting garment at the big event. Your comfort is key to avoid fidgeting, awkward stiffness, and constant fixing in the face of public scrutiny. Achieve that effortless poise and relaxed grace by having a wedding dress tailored to your body and tastes. The groom, bridesmaids, entourage, and anyone can avail of our alteration services.


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