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When taking a gown out of storage or finding a vintage masterpiece at a charming boutique, sometimes a dress will need to be refreshed to see another day. We offer wedding dress restoration as one of our expert services to return a garment to its original state of glory.

Wedding gown restoration addresses the issues that unfortunate dresses face when stored poorly, exposed to damage, or simply aged. The Cleaners at Lomas tackles problems that range from oxidation, mold, mildew, yellowing, wear, and tear. Due to the complex construction of some elaborate bridal gowns and the high end materials involved, cleaning can become a tricky task. That is why we hand clean and delicately employ the use of chemicals to remove stains and discoloration from the fabric, effectively lightening it to shine like new.

Lavish and ornate gowns require special attention, and our personnel is equipped with the right experience for such an undertaking. Our alteration experts can handle the more drastic cases in terms of repair, tailoring, and replacement of material. Their set of skills allow them to fix deteriorated lining, rips, and bad stitching. They can also adjust and repurpose an old wedding dress in need of an updated, modern redesign.


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